What are evolutionary shells?
Scalable shells are removable transparent gutters, which completely cover the surface of the teeth and apply a corrective force to specific areas. They induce the desired repositioning, in a very gradual and subtle way, barely a fraction of a millimeter at a time.

These gutters, custom-made to fit precisely on the surface of the teeth, are molded in a durable thermoplastic material. They are called “evolutionary” because they are frequently changed. The goal is to get new shells every two weeks to always produce the right pressure in the right place on the teeth. Thus, they induce the ideal corrective movement, making it possible to reach the desired final position.

Who is this treatment for?
This type of treatment is of particular interest to adults who are reluctant to undertake orthodontic treatment, not wanting to attract attention by wearing less aesthetic “pins” …

A comprehensive assessment of the patient’s oral status will determine whether progressive shells are an appropriate treatment choice. Some dental alignment problems are too severe to be corrected by evolutionary shells, while other problems simply can not be corrected in this way.

In general, shells are appropriate for overlapping or over-spaced teeth, for some malocclusion problems (supra-occlusion or under-occlusion) and for misalignments between the upper and lower teeth. When teeth need to be highly displaced, the dentist usually uses traditional fixed appliances.


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