Gum transplant is a surgical procedure performed by a periodontist. It is done in order to restore a sufficient amount of gum around the teeth and their roots and stop the progression of gingival recession and prevent any further receding of the gums. (It’s an effective solution that corrects far more than just esthetics.)

Gingival recession is far more common than we might think and is characterized by the reduction of the height of the gum. The gum thins out to the point of not having enough tissue around the teeth causing sensitivity with hot, cold, sweet and acidic food. The exposed roots become more vulnerable to cavity, and in more severe cases, the gum is unable to stabilize the teeth which causes the teeth to be mobile, therefore fall out.

Gingival recession also compromises the esthetic of the smile, leaving the appearance of the teeth looking abnormally longer. It is important to act fast in order to stop the process as it is easier to correct a light recession.


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