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Cosmetic dentistry

Embellish your smile

There are various things that can interfere in the appearance of your smile; the alignment or shape of your teeth, chipping, yellowing interdental space, and so on. At the Touraine Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves in offering you the solution that best suits your needs and your overall satisfaction.

Dental Restorations

Crowns are used to cover and protect a cut tooth that has been damaged by a fracture or a cavity too deep. They are based on one tooth at a time. Without metal, they are comfortable and durable. The crowns are also used following the setting of an implant, the procedure is slightly more complex, but the result is substantially the same.

Bridges can replace partial dentures. Like the crowns, they are fixed on a set of teeth cut permanently. You cannot remove them.

Veneers serve more to correct the facade of a tooth or a group of teeth. It can change the shape or color so that they fit better with the rest of your teeth.

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