General dentistry

Whether it’s for a dental emergency or just because you have any concern about your teeth, it will be our pleasure to meet your individual needs. Feel free to call, email or just stop by our office to book an appointment or to ask your question. We will be more than happy to help you.

Complete Oral Examination

A complete oral examination is essential to your oral health. We recommend that you have one at least once a year, and allow a professional to certify that your gums and teeth are in good health.

Digital Radiography (panoramic and cephalometric)

X-rays are indispensable to ensure an accurate diagnostic. Those types of radiography offer a better overall picture of your teeth, jaw growth and positions.

Cleaning and Scaling

Prevention is the key when it comes to your oral health and it starts by a routine professional teeth cleaning. If you are an avid coffee/tea or wine drinker, maybe you should think about visiting your dental hygienist a little more often. Those appointments are a good way to prevent cavities and gum diseases which could cause even worst conditions.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

Going to the dentist is one thing, but leaving the clinic with a beautiful smile is something else.  Teeth whitening is a treatment we offer to our patients. Ask Dr. Galvan or one of his team members the details of a professional whitening treatment that is offered at our clinic. According to our introductory promotion, everyone that gets a complete oral examination and a cleaning will get a Teeth Whitening Treatment at no charge. *Some conditions may apply depending on the health of the teeth and gums. (value of 522$)

Orthodontics Treatment

The Touraine Dental Clinic offers a complete range of orthodontic services for everyone, no matter how old they are. Sometimes an orthodontic treatment is the key to rectify a minor problem that would have become major in the future. That kind of treatment is ideal to fix misalign or crooked teeth, jaw growth problems and provide you with a smile you can be proud of.


For a more discrete orthodontic treatment, Invisalign is a great option to consider. It will let you handle your daily business without any orthodontic metallic braces. Practically invisible, this will realign your teeth in a more discreet way. Even better? Get a free Invisalign consultation! *limited time offer only (introductory promotion)

Topical application of fluoride and pit & fissures sealants

Pit and fissure sealants allow sealing of cracks along the permanent teeth, preventing bacteria from infiltrating the tooth and causing cavities. Not only for the younger crowd, these sealants work miracles for cavity sensitive teeth. Fluoride is also a good bet for your teeth longevity.

Mouth Guard and intra oral appliance to control parafunction

Whether it’s to practise your favourite sport or to protect your teeth while you sleep, the Touraine Dental Clinic will help you find the mouth piece for you. Ask Dr. Galvan to provide you with all the options that are available to fulfill your needs. We will ensure that you get the protection you require and keep your teeth intact.

Root Canal

We perform a root canal to save a tooth that has a cavity so deep that the nerve inside is affected. Instead of pulling out the tooth and creating more future problems, it’s a convenient way to retain the tooth in place. This common procedure consists of cleaning out the bacteria that is the cause of the cavity.

Tooth Extraction

Pulling a tooth out can be required in various situations. Wisdom teeth are the perfect example of a necessary extraction because some of them can eventually create numerous problems.

It could happen that our team suggest a tooth extraction because of a health issue or because that tooth could not be recovered.

Crown, bridges and veneer

Crowns, bridges and veneers are options that could be offered to you towards fixing or embellishing your smile. Crowns are used to protect a cracked tooth or that has a deep cavity, Bridges could replace a prosthesis. They are similar to crowns and are a great way to replace a tooth. Veneers are made to fix your front teeth, whether there’s a space between them or if they are too small for your esthetic taste. No matter what the problem is, there’s always a solution to give you the smile you deserve.

Dental Prosthesis

Dental prostheses are made to replace a few or all missing teeth. Our team will be happy to recommend the best options to a complete or partial prosthesis.

Gum Graft

Gum graft is the solution for receding gums. Once the root of the tooth is exposed, sensitivity and pain can occur. It makes it easier for plaque and calculus to infiltrate these out of reach areas leading to gum problems or even diseases. This routine procedure is common and gives great results.

Dental Jewelry

Want something original? Let us help you choose and install a dental jewel. Will make sure that your new jewel is mounted or exchanged with the same professional care and in safest way possible to protect your enamel.

Dental Emergency

Make sure you call us for any emergencies. Your dental health is our priority and we will provide you with the dental care you need to relieve you. Our team will then offer you the best options available to resolve your situation for the long term.

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